sábado, 26 de dezembro de 2015

Nostalgic Internet Sound

Just found this and old memories came to my mind... Many times I complain about the internet connection I have today, but I have to admit it's soooooo much better nowadays than it was when I was a teenager! :) 

When I travel to the USA, I see that Brazil is far behind their internet services, but you can find good services in some big cities here... like in São Paulo for instance. Right now I am spending some time with my mom.. she lives in the countryside so the internet is truly bad. I need a good connection to work, so my days haven't been easy... On the other hand, the place is amazing!! Lots of nature, peace, fresh air... I guess we can't have everything at once! The secret must be to enjoy what you have now!! ;)

Um comentário:

  1. Cool, when I hear this sound, feel nostalgia, when I had windows 98 and so slooooow internet, downloading mp3 an 4 hours!