segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2015

GoAnimate Experience

Today I used this super cool thing to create an animation. I had to make a digital artefact for my master in pedagogy of the elearning (Universidade Aberta de Portugal), so I gave GoAnimate a try! 

What can I say? It's easy, fun, helpful, creative. I did have some problems and lost some time editing over and over some slides, but still, I loved the result. For a 4 minute video I spent around 4 hours working on it, but you've got to have in mind this was my very first experience. It should take much less as I learn how to use it properly.

I would strongly recommed GoAnimate to lots of people: teachers, students and everyone else who needs to present something to others or wants to produce some creative, innovative, cool materials. Many students who study with me recorded themselves and made videos that they posted on Youtube. Some were really good and professional, but I've got to admit that I'm always too shy to record myself and post it online. So GoAnimate was really a life saver to me!!

My video is in Portuguese (click here to watch) and I shared the link with my teacher and coleagues. Just after I had finished and posted the activity I got to know that the animation will be available for 2 weeks only because it's how the free trial works. Well, I should have imagined that, but I got so excited making the thing that I forgot to read the information carefully. Now I have a problem, because this animation is the activity that I have delivered to my teacher and, if it gets erased before the semester ends, I might not get the grade for it... Now I really hope that someone can help me out with it! I need to find a way to download this video as soon as possible... Anyone could help, please?

The other option is paying a monthly plan, but I wouldn't like to do that. It's expensive (prices start at US$39), especially for ONE video, right?

Anyway, I thought this tool could be useful to others so I came to share the experience. If I get to know how to download the free trial videos, I come back to let you all know...

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